Early Theme Adopters: Tonal

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Tonal ‘s crisp, elegant minimalism focuses your readers’ attention on the images and words you’re publishing. It offers a whole slew of great features — from a custom menu and widget areas tucked into a hidden panel in the header, to splashy featured images  to set each post’s tone. But its generous spacing, smooth typography, and other subtle design touches keep your readers’ eyes on your content.

Here are three sites where bloggers have tweaked this spare theme to suit their individual tastes and needs.

Hope State Style

hope state style

Artist and photographer Caroline Goddard has transformed Tonal into a modern, pristine canvas for her lifestyle blog Hope State Style. Her images shine against the site’s white backdrop, while her font selection — using the Custom Design upgrade — adds a distinct flavor to her commentary (we love the typewriter-like Anonymous Pro font she’s using in the body of her posts).

The Hip Alley

the hip alley

Katarzyna, the…

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