The Chronicles Wekfest Japan Trip 2014 Coverage…Part 2…FEEL’S Twin Cam and Tokyo Bay Dinner….

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So after we left Type One that afternoon, we had some time to kill before dinner so we decided to try to find FEEL’s/Honda Twin Cam. I had never been before but Ryan had visited over 6 years ago. He didn’t remember exactly where it was but he knew the general area so we just mapped it out on the GPS. Things were going pretty well with our search until a random ass rain storm hit. Mind you, it was like mid-70s in temperatures that afternoon and with the humidity, everyone was just walking around with swamp ass, haha. The rain only made things worse but in Japan, you just kind of have to respect the weather and understand that rainfall can occur almost any time of day. It rained on and off for a good thirty minutes and I ended up having to walk into a convenience store to…

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