The Chronicles Wekfest Japan Trip 2014 Coverage…Part 3…#Wekfestprep With Tactical Art…

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After an amazing evening in Tokyo, we woke up early the following morning to get ready for our journey to Osaka. The trek from Tokyo to Osaka is pretty easy and stress-free as long as you get out the door early enough to catch the train. If you have never been to Japan, going from Tokyo to Osaka via the Shinkansen (bullet train) takes roughly three hours. We had to leave early because we didn’t want to lose a big chunk of the day traveling. Sure, it takes only three hours but you also have to remember that we have to get off the train, figure out where we are, find our hotel, check-in, and then unload our gear. This probably adds another hour or two into the trip so we really wanted to maximize our time in Osaka…

In the last few months leading up to Wekfest Japan, I…

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