Balancing Act: Wants vs. Needs

Simply Necessary

Find your balance. Find your balance.

Recently I find myself torn between being responsible and being a “carefree twenty six year old”. Summer is around the corner and I find myself getting sucked into the dangers of want. Lately, I just want new everything all at once (bathing suits, sunglasses, sun dresses, cameras, nail polish etc.). To spend or save… to spend or to save?!!? Thanks to my parents who have done an amazing job raising me, I force myself to reflect, “Are these materialistic things what you really need to survive??” Of course not (damn it). So I turn on one of my favorite Jack Johnson songs Gone, to remind myself what life is really aboout. “Look at all those fancy clothes, But these could keep us warm just like those.” It’s simple, life is all about balance.

Us being care free at 18. ^^Us being care free at 18 (circa 2006)^^

You have to ask yourself do…

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