Dealing with Difficult People


I am a Libra, and whether the ideas of Astrology speak to you or they’re just not your flavor, I represent the scales of a Libra practically to a tee. One trait I naturally possess that is very “Libran” is my inherent need to avoid conflict in any form. I’ll say it: My name is Steph and I am an Avoider.

My facial expression in the photo quite accurately depicts a typical reaction to a situation where I’m faced with conflict or opposition. It never gets any easier for me to deal with.

This morning at work, I received an email from my boss, addressed to my entire department, in which she directed an insult toward me. And though I’ve encountered countless emails of a similar theme of degradation, each one stings with the same force and humiliation.

My knee-jerk reaction, human as I am, is usually anger and defensiveness…

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