Health agency advises taking steps to prevent spread of MERS virus

Global News

WINNIPEG – A national health agency is calling for steps to prevent the spread of the respiratory illness known as MERS to Canada.

Infection Prevention and Control Canada is urging health-care workers to use personal protective equipment if working with a feverish, coughing patient.

The agency says this is in light of cases of the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus being detected in the United States.

It also says appropriate screening of patients presenting with cough and fever must include a travel history, not only of the patient, but of anyone around the patient who may have travelled in the previous 10-14 days.

The agency further says patients presenting with suspected or confirmed MERS infection must be assessed in a timely manner and placed on special precautions.

In the U.S., three people have been diagnosed with an infection from MERS.

An American doctor who came to Canada after being exposed…

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