Ingredients To Watch Out For In Your Cosmetics

WCCO | CBS Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Americans, in general, spend almost $40 billion a year trying to look good. The cosmetic market represents about 15 percent of the beauty industry and includes anything from lipstick to nail polish.

But what’s in this stuff and how is it made?

“This is your basic lipstick formula — waxes and oils and pigments,” Karoline Wells, a formulation chemist, said.

After working in microbiology labs, Wells started mixing and pouring her own line of lipstick at the Elixery in Northeast Minneapolis.

“These waxes are rationed out very specifically, so if the wax ratio is wrong, it can crystalize or it can sweat,” Wells said.

Colors and compounds are developed from scratch in the lab.

“My goal was to stay on really well and to have it feel good,” Wells said.

She started making lipstick, wanting an ethical product free of animal testing. Because of her science background…

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