Just Own It

Move In Joy!

I always travel with my hoop, and it always gets attention.

Upon being asked about my travel companion by a multitude of TSA agents, passengers and baristas, I typically say “I am a motivational speaker who uses the hoop onstage as part of my inspirational message.”

Today it occurred to me that I have made these exhanges way too complex. Instead, I decided that I am going to start simply saying, “I am a hoopdancer.”

All too often we complicate things by adding wordswordswordswords and more words in order to somehow explain what is unexplainable, excuse things that may cause upset to others, or cushion the blow from any impending judgment. Our fear adds unnecessary noise so we don’t have to stand in our glorious, bold truth.

As I walk through the MSP airport and points beyond, I hereby declare to all those who inquire: I am a hoopdancer

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