Kaloba helps prevent childhood asthma attacks – clinical study

Health and Life today


By Ian Wishart

Moving into winter and the season of coughs and snuffles, parents everywhere are looking for solutions that give their kids relief and lessen the amount of time off school (and consequently time off work) required to recover.

The natural herbal extract Kaloba  has become one of New Zealand’s topselling natural cold and respiratory tract treatments, and with good reason – study after study is showing Kaloba has the ability to treat winter ailments.

The substance, scientifically known as EPs 7630, is extracted by a German pharmaceutical company from a member of the geranium species which, in concentrated and purified form has proved highly effective. The reason for that is two fold. Not only does Kaloba help fight bacterial infections, but it also has a much harder-to-find property – it helps kill viruses too. As any parent knows, antibiotics don’t…

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