My Thoughts About Calorie Counting

Nutty for Life

I’ve mentioned before on the blog how I’ve never been a fan of my belly. Way back when (I can say that now since I’ve been out of high school for four years now, right? 😉 ), I dieted. I lost weight in my early high school years, and while I was able to maintain that weight loss, it set me up for self-criticism.

I was new to the health game. I listened to the advice I got online and in books without really thinking twice. I thought I needed to eat 1,500 calories or less because that’s what all the big name mags and websites told me. I followed the likes of the Special K Diet, the Flat Belly Diet, and random magazine diets. In the process, I learned that I needed to count calories to keep the weight from coming back.

Sounds like a great mindset for a…

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