Pin It Party

The DelightFULL Dash

I’m participating in my first Pin It Party hosted by Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean today!


Here are five posts that I would love to see on Pinterest. Each photo below links to Pinterest, so it’s super easy to pin, pin, pin! To see all of my pins, follow me on Pinterest.

If you want to join in the fun, check out all the partygoers and their pins at The Lean Green Bean.

Know Your Numbers: Keep a Blood Pressure Journal


May is National High Blood Pressure Awareness Month. It’s so important to know your blood pressure history and how it relates to your health. Check out my post on tracking your blood pressure by creating a blood pressure journal.

25 “Must Try” Vegetarian Quinoa Recipes


Looking for a new quinoa recipe? Check out my roundup of some of the best vegetarian recipes I found, including mini pizzas, tacos, peanut butter…

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