So close to a relapse

love & yums

It’s been a crazy week because it is a pack-for-taiwan week with one less off day and lots of things to do.

If you have read the previous post, I talked about me falling off the bandwagon. Nope, I haven’t gotten back on either but I have been faithfully eating fruits for breakfast the past week? If that counts. Hahaha.


I have been snacking so so much – before work, at work and upon reaching home. I actually ate icecream one of the nights right before bed!! The only thing that confirms it’s not a full on binge is the fact that I still have a fair bit of control over what I want and don’t want to eat. (When I used to binge, I would eat everything. I couldn’t even tell if I was craving for sweet or salty food!)

For the past week, I kept telling myself that…

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