Stick with what you are good at?

Curves by Christina

Hello friends!

So the show on May 10th was the biggest show that I have ever been in. It was almost too big. The pre-judging took about 7 hours with the bikini girls right at the end. Not only was it tiresome for me to wait around all day but I felt bad for my entourage that came out to support me. They had to wait around for what could be an entire work day for some people. It just seemed that perhaps things could have been organized differently. But then again, I don’t want to shit too much on the show because on the off chance that someone from the federation reads this blog, I don’t want to find myself face to face with a masked bodybuilder who’s sole mission is to silence me… 

There was what seemed like a million bikini girls competing in each hight class. We definitely out numbered any other category, by far. So…

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