Stone of the Week.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you::::::::::::::THE STONE OF THE WEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ruby Fuchsite. A powerful stone for increasing knowledge and awareness of problems on every level – emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.  A premier Heart Chakra stone, Ruby Fuchsite works to sweep away negative clutter, blockages and debris. A stimulating friend, it gives those who use it a boost of creativity, vitality, passion, enthusiasm and courage. Calms aggression and resentment. It can gift an understanding of true self worth and confidence to those who could use it, and helps those who find themselves in situations of emotional blackmail sort out the details and disengage. This stone really improves one’s resilience to situations of emotional tension and can gift the knowledge of higher levels and forms of love. Excellent for aiding in recovery from deep emotional trauma and can open the user to softness and forgiveness. It can help with all forms…

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