The Shadow’s Five a Day - home of the mighty greys cricket club

The Complete Match Day Diet

Even more than a ninety minute game of football, five sets of tennis or running a marathon, a game of Sunday cricket can push an entire team to the very limits of human endurance, drawing on every ounce of energy that you’re able to store up. It’s extreme sport with a capital X.

One glance at the Mighty Greys, though, and you can see that we are a superbly conditioned set of elite athletes. We are simply quicker, fitter, better coordinated, with greater stamina and concentration levels than anyone brave enough to step onto the greensward with us.

It’s time to reveal that our secret weapon to all this is the meticulous attention each and every one of us all pays to our diet, and our careful control on what we admit into the temple of our bodies.

Playing the Mighty Greys’  brand of high…

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