Training Plans Decoded-Because Not All Of Us Speak “Run Nerd”

Running On Healthy


Training season is quickly approaching and the plans went out this week to a lot of half and full marathoners.  Shortly after the plans were sent I started receiving some very good questions.  In fact it doesn’t seem that long ago that I was googling these terms when reading my training plans.  In my silly little world I forget that not everyone goes around talking about long slow distance runs, fartleks, and tempo runs.  Some of these topics have been discussed on this blog before but I thought it would be a great time to discuss the various types of training runs you might encounter this summer if you are in racing mode.


Keep in mind that every run has a certain purpose in your training.  Skipping your speed day is not going to help you PR and sprinting through your long slow run isn’t going to speed you up.  Play by the rules and you will…

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