Trying paleo, seeing performance loss in sports & massive hit in recovery via /r/Paleo



For past two weeks I’ve been trying to adopt paleo diet – mainly lots and lots of green salads, chicken, turkey, eggs, almonds, avocados, bananas (for fast carbs) and a little bit of bacon.

However, I’ve noticed a clear performance decline in sports. I try to swim 5 times a week, ~35 minutes each time. In addition, I cycle at least 20km a day and do kettlebell every other or third day. Since “going paleo” I have not only seen performance loss but a massive hit in recovery, so that I can no longer do kettlebell as often as I used to.

Before trying paleo, I ate a large amount oats in the morning and the evening. I also used maltodextrin recovery drink and ate lots of rye bread. I am 184 cm male, weighing 65kg with 10-11% body fat. So any tips? In short, I’m much worse off now…

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