Uganda hospitals are a grave yard but somebody is asking for a 7th term!


Uganda hospitals are a grave yard:The irony is that the majority of so-called better Kenyan doctors are in fact Ugandans. My nephew just returned from completing his research theses from home, Uganda, and told me that nevertheless, a journey into a Uganda hospital is, matter of fact, a trip to the grave. He suffered a bowel problem and headed to a private clinic where he saw how the survey report must have correctly represented Ugandan doctors being equivalent to Kenya nurses and a hard thing to dispute. What he said was corroborated by another visiting Muganda buddy.

Toilet at Kayunga hospital Toilet at Kayunga hospital

He said on reaching the clinic where he noticed the doctor’s availability hours, he was surprised to see the attendant placing a call to the doctor about a patient who had arrived with stomach problems, meaning the doctor was not there when he supposed to be. He personally overheard…

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