Cat: Daily Skincare Routine/ Everyday Makeup

spoiled peaches

It’s been a long week for those of us with deadlines to meet and finals to finish. After this week, I can finally  relax without the need to cram until 3 in the morning. So since it’s Thursday and  I have some spare time, I’d like to present to you my everyday skincare routine. I like to be natural and light on my skin, and still glowy and healthy looking.

Below are  the products that I use, listed chronologically.


1. Clinique 7 Day Scrub

I use this to exfoliate my skin  and get my face clean and fresh. It makes my skin feel amazingly smooth and it’s just wonderful.

2. Rosewater

Secondly, I use rosewater. OK, it may seem a bit odd at first. When I first saw my mom use it, I was appalled. You kind of just spray it on your face. Actually, not kind of, you spray it directly…

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