Keeping It Clean





Skin issues – since we all have them. Nothing I’m saying here really is anything new (to me at least) and I’ve read a lot of these tips from various publications & sites, but I thought I’d give my personal take on them and let you know that they stand 100% true for me.  Since I don’t wear make-up, it’s essential for my skin to stay clear, dewy and even-colored. Here we go –

  • Drink lots of water or unsugared tea – I love roasted green tea.
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep. When I don’t catch enough ZZZZs, it is extremely clear that my skin goes down the drain.
  • Bedsheets and weekly changes – cleanliness of the surface that you put your face on always matters.
  • Don’t touch your face – when you go through the day doing work, tapping away on your laptop etc, your fingers get a lot of grime…

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