The Definition of Love

Auric Magazine

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It’s strange how one person’s outlook on love can be so radically different from another’s.

What is love precisely?

Is the definition of love that appears when you type the word into Google what love truly is? “An intense feeling of affection.” Love is made up of tears, betrayals, and long sleepless nights of fighting. Love makes you vulnerable. Your heart is bitterly cracked open little by little, only to end up completely split apart. Love surfaces all insecurities of the human soul. There’s no holding back, no thought before action. You’re oblivious to everything, but nothing. The human brain shuts off sinfulness and replaces it with truth.

Don’t get me wrong, love can tear you to shreds, but it is also causes your mind to flourish. It conquers all, as cheesy as it sounds. Hormone and estrogen levels…

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