Terveystalo – Where the Wellbeing of Patients Come Last

management by chia

What a disagreeable doctor I just encountered. Utterly unpleasant and very unprofessional. I have already given a formal complaint to Terveystalo, and sent an email to the chief of staff here at work. But as this was in a league of its own, I will share with you too.

As many of you know, I suffer from a bad back from time to time. After an appointment with a physiotherapist last week I was hoping it’d get better, but it didn’t. Since physiotherapy isn’t the cheapest hobby you can have, and I don’t have a trip to London (and the torturer there) scheduled right now, I decided to go get a referral from a doctor (as that in Finland means you can get some money back from the Social Insurance Institution).

We recently changed from a health station called Mehiläinen to Terveystalo, and since I’m not familiar with…

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