7 Struggles Of Having A Lot Of Freckles

Thought Catalog

1. You cannot get a spray tan.

Or use foundation for that matter. Considering most of us freckled people fall somewhere between “pale” to “ghostly” on the tan-ness spectrum, the inability to get a fake tan is somewhat problematic.

2. People may think you’re diseased.

One time, while I was babysitting my little sister at the park, a little girl asked me if I had the chicken pox. No, no I do not. And no, the freckles do not itch. And no, please do not touch them…

3. You will receive a plethora of nicknames.

These nicknames will range from cute or creative, to straight up annoying. Or you are just simply referred to as “Freckles”.

4. You will be the victim of a freckle-related pickup line (or 50).

“Excuse me, I just wanted to tell you that I love your freckles.” “Your freckles are so cute!” I can appreciate…

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